Dr. Albane Bienaimé

Dr. Albane Bienaimé

Albane earned her Doctor of Medicine (MD) in 2001 from Paris 5 Medical School in Paris, France. She went on to specialise in Skin Surgery and Dermatology at Marseille Medical School and has been Board-certified in Skin Surgery, Cosmetic Medicine and Dermatology since 2006.

She worked for two years as an Assistant Professor in the Skin Cancer Department of La Timone teaching hospital in Marseille before moving back to Paris in 2008 to run her private practice and continue her skin surgery teaching activities at Paris 5 Medical School.

In 2013, Albane joined Premier Care in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania to establish the Clinic’s Skin Surgery and Dermatology Department. She has since collaborated with not-for-profit agency Standing Voice to provide life-saving treatment to more than 25 albinos with advanced skin cancer.

Albane continues to work at Paris’s Hopital Ambroise Pare and every year takes part as an Orator in Surgery at the International Conference of Dermatology in Paris.



departments: Masaki Staff, Skin Surgery and Dermatology
positions: Dermatologist, Skin Surgeon
degree: MD
office: Premier Care clinic (Masaki) : 259 Slipway Road, Masaki, Kinondoni P. O. Box 220, Dar es Salaam , Tanzania Tel: 0752 254 642; 0715 254 642. Web: www.premiercareclinic.com